Celebrate Amazingness

May 26, 2017

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Cancer Patient Support Foundation has Awarded $2 Million to Local Cancer Patients and their Families. We celebrate the families who demonstrate their amazingness each day during this difficult time. Meet one of the Vermonters we were able to help.

Changing focus from worrying about paying the bills to getting well is imperative for patients and their families. For James Schumacher, a 53 year old from Barre, his lung cancer diagnosis came as a huge shock. “I had just moved back to Vermont from Florida and I thought I had pulled a muscle. It was a tumor pressing on a nerve. At first they said the x-ray was fine and then the nurse came running after me. I had to have 4 ribs, 27 lymph nodes and ½ of a lung removed.” James has had no income for over a year due to his treatment and recovery. As the bills stacked up he was worried about what the future held then he got a call that funds were available. I “broke down crying, it helped me concentrate on myself, have a good attitude even when the radiation was so bad I couldn’t swallow applesauce. You don’t want to have to worry about bills; the support helped me get through it.”