CPSF President Bobbe Maynes

Nov 02, 2016

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Bobbr Maynes

Thirteen years ago this November I went in for my first (routine) colonoscopy.  Three days later I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer to the surprise and shock of my entire family.  What followed was four months of doctor’s appointment, further screenings, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and eventually surgery. Through it all I had a huge network of support for meals, rides to treatments (so my husband could work), calls and cards to lift my spirits, visits from friends and loved ones and the luxury of having just sold a business so that I did not have to work for several months.  I was so very blessed.

For many, however, a diagnosis of cancer is devastating and overwhelming for the patient and the family.  There simply is not that network of support.  The medical attention to treat the disease over the next several months or years means a complete change in the daily lives of everyone involved.  And, that is why the Cancer Patient Support Foundation exists – to help make the diagnosis and treatment journey just a bit easier for patients and their families.  From supporting psycho-social counseling, to providing emergency financial assistance and to underwriting mindfulness techniques for health and wellness, CPSF is there.  Please get to know us and contribute your time, talent or dollars to help us be there for thousands of cancer patients each year.  You will be so glad you did!

Bobbe Maynes, President

Cancer Patient Support Foundation

 In addition to volunteering at the Board President of CPSF, Bobbe is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman in Burlington.